Why Stone-Brick-Fiberglass Panel?

Why you should choose us?

Anatolia Stone facilitates the selection process in terms of texture, color and application in your projects where our panel coating products will be used.

We are pleased to give any technical advice when necessary, to examine your design drawings (Autocad etc.) with programs in detail and to make a decision with you.

-First of all, our products do not burden your structures and are light. According to the panel model, its m2 weight is approximately 5 to 6 kg.

-Since our decorative fiberglass panels are applied with a screw system, the damage to the place where it is applied will only be screw holes.

-You can use our products very easily both indoors and outdoors (not affected by water, moisture, uv rays).

- Thanks to the flexible structure of our products, you can easily rotate and cover oval columns of 1 m2 diameter with a full plate.

-Stone-brick panel dimensions vary according to the model (1.35cm x 3.35cm) 1 panel covers 4.5m2 area. Some models (1.32cm x 3.02cm) 1 panel covers 4m2 area.

- Our Products ( Decorative Fiberglass Stone Panels (Alaçatı Stone Panel, Crushed Stone Panel, Single Slate Stone Panel, Line Stone Panel, Rock Stone Panel, Plaster Stone Panel, Kale Stone Panel, Mixed Stone Panel), < strong> Brick Panels (Broken Brick Panel, Ottoman Brick Panel, Oval Brick Panel, Large Brick Panel, Plastered Brick Panel ), Concrete Panels (Gross Concrete Panel, Perforated Concrete Panel, Reinforced Concrete Panel ), Wood Panels (Plastered Wood Panel, Cork Wood Panel, Flat Wooden Panel, Lath Panel) , Tile Panels (Patterned Tile Panel, Tile Panel) screw to any surface system (Gypsum Board, Concrete Board, Bordex, Iron Profile, OSB, Concrete, Aerated Concrete, Rough Plaster, Fine Plaster etc.).

If there are things you are curious about decorative coating and our company, you can read our Frequently Asked Questions , ANATOLIA STONE Interior-Exterior Wall Covering titled articles.